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All law enforcement officers, reserve officers and civilian law enforcement employees are eligible to obtain the legal and labor benefits provided by the Fraternal Order of Police Arizona Labor Council (ALC) by joining the appropriate local Arizona Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, subject to the membership rules of each local lodge.

The Arizona FOP ALC Legal Defense Plan benefit was established more than 25 years ago and set the standard for law enforcement representation in Arizona.

Law enforcement employees have special legal rights AND special legal needs.

The FOP ALC Legal Defense Plan benefit was crafted to provide members with competent and qualified attorneys – experienced in representing sworn and civilian law enforcement employees across a wide range of administrative and judicial proceedings.

Simply call the law firm directly if you need legal services or if you have questions about ANY legal matter. Our plan includes free unlimited telephone and in-office consultations. If you need info regarding disciplinary issues, criminal or administrative investigations or any personal legal matter, just call the toll free number provided to all ALC members and discuss your specific issue with your attorney.

Best of all… you can speak with your attorneys directly when you need them.

You do not need permission, from any FOP or ALC Board member to call and arrange a completely confidential consultation with YOUR attorney.

Note: If you are involved in a Critical Incident, call the ALC attorneys immediately. If the Incident occurs after normal duty hours, call our After Hours toll free line.